Specialist Dementia Care Homes

Chapel House Care has been specially designed to provide high quality residential and nursing care for older people, including those living with dementia.
People living with dementia – and their families – have usually experienced many changes in daily life by the time 24-hour care is being considered. Many looking for the right care provision are experts by experience and know exactly what their loved one needs.

Planning the next step can be difficult for everyone involved and these decisions often arrive when the individual living with dementia is finding independent living more and more difficult. This comes with a host of conflicted feelings, complicating what is already a difficult task.
The process of choosing the right care home marks the beginning of a huge transition for everyone involved particularly those who have held a significant role in providing care for their loved one at home.

We understand looking for 24-hour care may be necessary, but that does not make it easy. Even minor health changes for the individual living with dementia and their main carer can trigger a great deal of anxiety about the future. Entrusting the care of your loved one to others can be extremely daunting and distressing. We work with you to plan care appropriately and we will always ensure we can meet the needs of your loved one before any provision is agreed.
We appreciate how important it is to support families during this difficult time so that they can remain as involved as they want to be, whilst coming to terms with the next stage of their loved one’s life.
We very much see care provision as a partnership between ourselves as a team, our resident, and their loved ones.

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