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Frequently Asked Questions
Please find below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Chapel House Care.

What is your COVID policy?

Like all care homes, we have had to adapt due to COVID-19. To help families visit loved ones we created two family ‘care pod’ rooms (featured on the local BBC news) to enable safe friends and family contact. Our virtual visits continue and residents who are unable to come to the visiting room have the same opportunity for a nominated visitor subject to a risk assessment for infection control purposes. Keeping you and your relative safe is a priority and we take the worry out of this by having safe systems to ensure you can remain in contact with your loved ones.

How will you help me to settle in?

We will ask you to complete a detailed life history and daily life planners. You can do this irrespective of whether you choose our homes as it’s free and offered on our Chapel House Care Ltd Website. When planning an admission, you and your loved one will be asked to meet with a senior member of our team who will devise care plans with you to promote a relaxed transition into the home. We will work with you and your relative to adjust as needed. With a good pre-assessment these will usually only be minor adaptations.

As members of John’s Campaign https://johnscampaign.org.uk/#/ we believe that families have the knowledge and expertise on how to make a positive difference to those we care for. We encourage family involvement in planning and delivering person centred outcomes. Open visiting helps maintain family involvement and engagement.

Tell me more about your community work

Chapel House Care is part of the local community. We like to give back.
As an organisation we have championed the work of Dementia UK and we set up the first West Cheshire and Wirral Admiral Nursing service in 2016. The Moore Family funded this initially as a concept of proof which demonstrated the need for Admiral Nurse support in our communities.
More recently the demand for additional Admiral Nurses has warranted a more distinct identity for these services, so we set up a non-profit company called the Dementia Resource Community Ltd to promote further investment in our local community. There is a relationship between the care homes however the Admiral Nurses are NMC Registered Nurses and have a duty to remain professional and impartial and cannot recommend care homes to clients; they can only advise families on how to find what they are looking for in a care home.
We have several team members who are Dementia Friends Champions. These champions have already created many new dementia friends and hope to create many more. All our staff receive specialist dementia care training within their probationary period of employment.
Our onsite community café is a not for-profit café run-in Partnership with Retain Wellbeing CIC. We have a shared vision for community and social investment.

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