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Dementia care world leader trains staff at Chapel House Care

10 November 2022

An international expert in dementia care has been working with our two care homes.

Registered nurse Anne Kelly is considered a world leader in Montessori methods for aged care and dementia. Last week, she ran a workshop for the staff of our two homes, The Chapel House and Plessington Court.

Over thirty carers and the senior leadership team at Chapel House Care, as well as family carers and volunteers, took part in the workshop, which was packed with advice and tips to enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia in a care home environment.

The goal of the Montessori program is to support people living with dementia by creating a prepared environment, filled with cues, prompts and memory supports. Roles, routines and activities are also developed for each individual, which are meaningful to that person – giving each person the opportunity to enjoy an enriched life.

Individuals living in a Montessori community do as much for themselves and others as possible, rather than having things done to them or for them. The aim is to focus on the person, not the dementia, foster social connections and friendships and develop routines that build confidence and self-esteem.

Keith Ley, Registered Manager of both Chapel House Nursing Home and Plessington Court Residential Home, said: “This was an inspirational workshop full of lots of meaningful advice which will enhance the quality of life for our residents living with dementia.

“At Chapel House Care, we are passionate about providing the best possible care to our residents and we are looking forward to implementing what we have learnt from this innovative approach to dementia care.”

Admiral Nurse Cathrina Moore said: “It was great to welcome Anne back into our care homes post pandemic and a real affirmation that we can now move our exciting plans forward.”

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